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What makes a great web site?
What are the fundamental qualities of a great web site? When you visit a new site, what makes you stay? A sense of humor helps, flashy graphics are nice but the fundamental traits that make a site work are more elusive. This article will break down the essential characteristics of a great Website into some easily followed steps.

Web sites should:

Provide authentic, original content in as many forms as possible
Original content is the most important feature of a great web site. Sites that provide only links to other sites are essentially glorified directories, while sites that have information that's useful to the user stand out and will be revisited. Content is King.

Be interactive; this engages the user and makes your site memorable.
After original content, the second most important trait a web site should have is interactivity. The web is a world of interactive communications that your site should reflect. Sites that involve the user are more likely to attract interest.

Provide important, timely information to the user
Web sites should be updated regularly, a stale web site shouts "been there, done that, been there before." For the information to be valuable it should be current and well-edited. (read: Writing great website copy!)

Give and thou shalt receive
Great web sites share everything they learn and hear, that's relevant, with their users. Give behind the scenes accounts of your latest site features, go open source, start a newsletter and you'll get more than you give.

Look and Feel
The look of your website and its usability are extremely important. Research has shown that users equate poor site design with poor business skills and are more likely to trust a site that looks professional. Would you trust a site that looks like it was built in a few hours in someone’s back room? Or a site that looks like some effort, thought and money have been put into it?

Your site reflects you and your business!

Simple navigation is a key element to a succesful web site. The majority of users are visiting your site for a reason, making their search easy is the essence of usabillity. Also, like a travelers guide, a well constructed web site leads an unfamiliar visitor directly to the main attractions.

If you build it, they will come
A common misconception held by companies new to the web is that if they put up a page, people will visit it. In order to have a popular site, the user needs an incentive: information, fun, freebies, whatever it takes to capture the imagination.

Original content is important, users may visit your site once on that basis alone, but to keep them coming back you've got to have fresh content as well as excellent customer service, disappoint a user and they will leave.

Sites that offer freebies get noticed. Free software, services, databases or electronic newsletters will attract users like a magnet.

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