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Write great web site copy!

There are a number of key elements to writing good web copy:

  • Always be positive
  • Use power words
  • Clearly state your benefits
  • Call your audience to action
  • Communicate with your user

In order to communicate effectively, make your text easy to understand. Be direct and keep it simple!

If your copy has too many sophisticated words, people wont understand it and will stop reading! They will go to another web site without another thought. To prevent this, keep the vocabulary of your copy simple and keep sentences short when possible.

Don't make your copy too long and boring. If you were looking for something specific and found 2 pages of solid text without any line breaks, would you read it? Of course not! So don't do that to your reader.  Most web users know what they are looking for and want to find it quickly and easily. Keep your copy short enough so that users are not immediately turned off by its length.

Use plenty of line breaks! White space breaks the copy up making it look shorter and more appealing. Even if your copy is long, it will look much more inviting to read than a solid block of text.

Involve your audience! Use words such as: I, You, Me, We and Us. Your copy will have a more personal feel and will appeal more to your users.

ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! Ask your users to do something. Tell them to JOIN NOW! or CLICK HERE! or BUY TODAY! Users are much more likely to do something if you tell them to do it. So start using action verbs!

Use power words! Nothing catches a users attention more than the word FREE! Give away some sort of freebie in your copy, whether it's a free gift, sample, report or even some useful statistics.

Writing your copy correctly can make your site work! So utilize these methods and make your website more effective!

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